Wednesday, February 14, 2018

#52Ancestors - Valentine

The year was 1980. I was pregnant with my first child and due any day. We had lots going on at the time so it didn't dawn on me that it was almost Valentine's Day. On February 13th, 11 p.m. my eldest son entered the world. I know it was just  a bit before but what a wonderful Valentine's Day gift it was, once I realized it was only an hour away. I'd say it was close enough.

Fast forward six years, I was now pregnant with my third and was given a due date of - guess what - February 13th.  Well that year we were having snow storms right at that time and though the doctor said the baby was ready to pop a few days before, the baby had its own ideas of ready. It hung on another week, heated and protected by its mother, and the day the snow cleared was the day we welcomed our new family member to the world.

Ever since my Valentine days are sandwiched between my oldest and youngest offspring's birthdays.

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