Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sorry about not posting yesterday.

I am still floating on air from yesterday, as something wonderful happened to me in my writing career that I was just not able to type straight afterwards.

Here's the scoop. Got home from work and loaded my e-mail. I get a message from Holly McAllister at AuthorBound, a new division of Content Connection LLC. Anyway she offered me to join a select panel of reviewers to provide feedback for Jack Gilbert's upcoming book. Jack Gilbert, for those who don't know is a writer, presenter and consultant who focuses on leadership and organizational /personal integrity. I did it. It was all online in a series of questions. After I finished I was asked if I wanted to join as a member of the AuthorBound Advisory panel. Did I want to? I'd be out of my mind not to, so there it is, as of now I am an official member and hope to be getting book and proposal review and future online feedback survey requests from them.

Next week I'll be back with regular adoption related posts.
Till then, Happy Holidays and a Happy, Healthy New Year

Gloria Oren

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